Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma

Each month, GIANTSKY will give a shout out to someone/something inspirational. If it is a musician with honest intentions, an artistic masterpiece, or someone who poured positiveness into the world; they deserve to be noticed. Pay it forward, and join in on the Shout Out!

Not that is needed to reinforce his position as one of the cultural mastodonts of our time, but with his live performance in Paris in 2007, there should – in all honesty- be no reason to ever make music again. Pavarotti’s interpretation of Nessun Dorma is beyond words, and this performance in particular is breath taking. The segway between falsetto and chest, the extra long high C blending with the orchestra, and the fact that it is performed on That stage in a live format.. Nothing impresses me more than this. Thank you for enriching the world with your musical gift, Maestro.