Henry Kim – Electronic impro beyond conventions

Each month, GIANTSKY will give a shout out to someone/something inspirational. If it is a musician with honest intentions, an artistic masterpiece, or someone who poured positiveness into the world; they deserve to be noticed. Pay it forward, and join in on the Shout Out!

Henry Kim is a long time collaborator of Erlend from GIANTSKY / Soup, and is a hidden gem, and also a musical genius. It’s hard to describe exactly how his music is generated, so we’d be better off hearing it from the man himself:

“Im currently experimenting with different ways to extract frequency information from audio (mostly guitar loops), and feed the result back into my diy maxmsp synthesizer in realtime. With a little bit of tweaking, this should allow me to play notes (from triggers on the drums) in relative harmony with any audio sample I might be using, without having to prepare anything. Thats the theory anyway. My instrument (since 2017) has always needed a lot of manual input to work. After the newly released album I was extremely fed up from working like this, so I decided to make a change. In order to implement the concept of frequency analysis Im rebuilding parts of the synthesizer and sampler, and how notes are being processed. So far things are looking promising.”


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